Import & Export Google Sheets and .csv Files to WOXO

Use the power of Google Spreadsheets and Excel to speed up your video creation process.

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Let's learn how to export, edit and import a Google Sheet and .csv file to WOXO Video Maker.

Here's a quick Video Tutorial, however, if you prefer to read step-by-step tutorial just scroll down! 👇

Step 1

Once you've chosen a template, go to the Edit Videos page. To begin, click on Integrations.

Step 2

Here you'll be presented with three options that we'll proceed to explain one by one:

  • Import GoogleSheet

  • Import .csv

  • Export .csv

Import GoogleSheet

To edit your videos using Google Sheets you can either start with one of our predefined templates on our Template Vault or you can also use a template you’ve been working on.

Step 1

Click on the Import GoogleSheets button.

Step 2

Paste your GoogleSheet URL.

Step 3

Now click on Pull.

‼️ Remember: You may have to grant access to your Google Sheet before pressing Pull.

You will also be able to see how many videos the file contains and if there’re any errors, just like it's shown below:

Click on "Import Videos" and that’s it! You will now see the videos on the Editor Page. If you wish to go more in depth with the process regarding Google Sheets, go ahead and click here.

Import .csv

Once you’ve downloaded the .csv file you can make as many changes as you’d like in Excel. Now, just click on the Import button to upload the file to our Edit Videos page.

Export .csv

This option comes in handy when you want to export the template you've been working on to later open it in Excel. To do that just click on the Export button and a .csv file will automatically download to your computer.

If you've got any questions 一 really, any 一 don't be shy and just give a call out at our Support Chat or contact us at [email protected], we'll be more than happy to help you!

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