Here you'll learn how to integrate all your Social Assets in one place so you can add a special touch to your WOXO Videos. Ready? Fire, aim! πŸ’₯

Here's a tutorial video for you! However, if you prefer to read a step-by-step tutorial, just scroll down πŸ‘‡

Step 1: Open My Assets

To do this you can either open it directly by clicking on your avatar (located on the top right corner of the page).

You can also go to My Assets tab located at the left in your Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to My Uploads

Assets to Integrate:

Step 3: Select Assets and Upload

Once you select the assets you want to upload, just hit Upload and wait a couple of seconds until you can click Done.

Step 4: Organize your Uploaded Assets with Tags

Now you can see your assets in My Uploads vault. You can also organize your assets in tags, so when you type a topic in the search bar, only the assets tagged under that keyword will show up.

Organize Assets with a Tag

Step 1

Hover on any media and click on Edit.

Step 2

Select all the media you want to save under one tag by selecting each one (1).

Now type the tag you will give these on the search bar (2). In this case, we went with an Organic Content tag.

Lastly, click on Accept to save the tag (3).

‼️You can save your media with one or as many tags as you wish!

Step 3

Search for your media easily by typing the tags in the search bar.

Step 5: Find your Uploaded Assets

You can see all your uploaded assets by the following categories:

  • All

  • Videos

  • Images

  • Music

  • Font

Step 6: Use your Assets

Now comes the fun part! Just click on the icon under the column Media and proceed to click on Uploads.

You will now see all your assets and be able to easily look for each one using tags! πŸ˜‰

If you've got any questions δΈ€ really, any δΈ€ don't be shy and just give a call out at our Support Chat or contact us at [email protected], we'll be more than happy to help you!

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