One of our fellow Sumo-lings, pandacat, wrote this review and we couldn't have explained WOXO better ourselves. Take a look! πŸš€

"I am so glad I took my time to wrap my head around this one. So often a tool is just a variation of tools we've seen, tools we already own. Sure, you understand the value proposition of those instantly and often they're cool because they add a little more oomf, but the *real* gems on AppSumo take some time to understand. I bet that's how those ancient Sumolings felt about Zapier and Lemlist when they appeared here-- hard to understand initially but a *huge* payoff for those who took the time to do it.

That's WOXO. Do yourself a favor and take the time to play with it. It's really fresh and exciting. I am already getting goosebumps thinking of how I can deploy it for clients. Here's the quick take: WOXO is two completely different tools that create a virtuous circle of content-at-scale.

Let's talk about Tool #1: the video generator. Select as many video templates as you want or generate your own with the built in Pexels integration. Boom. Now you have 25 videos. Open up the table and edit the whole set on the fly. Change the font, add your logo, rip through text changes (or have a virtual assistant do it on a connected Google sheet. Yes, it integrates-- with no coding, no effort-- to google sheets.) 10 minutes and you have a month of video content for social media. It's the first tool that I know of that can make video content for social media at scale in minutes. And-- wait? what?-- AI is on the roadmap! That is crazy! When GPT-3 is mashed up with this... o.m.g.

Hold up. You get a second tool. Yeah, 2-for-the-price-of-1 here. Now you (alone) are jamming out content like you have an army of 100 assistants. All that content is generating engagement, getting new visitors to your site. You need content there too, right? Hello WOXO tool #2: the widget maker. The widget maker let's you grab any social account, from any public user, push a few buttons to make it beautiful; the widget maker spits out code you just copy and paste on any webpage. I tested it with SwipePages, and it's slick. In 5 minutes I had this beautiful display of constantly updated content from Instagram. (15 minute updates on Tier 2, but I'll probably go up to Tier 3 for 5 min updates.) I have a client with a soccer site, I can't wait to add widgets to his pages from the Instagram feeds of players and teams. Getting that fresh content on the page makes static-- read: boring-- pages come alive, and without any money spent on content creators. It almost feels like cheating.

Back to that virtuous circle: (1) create cool content at scale (and I mean at scale); (2) publish the content to social media platforms; (3) display all this new content (and other people's content) via a no-code widget that's dead simple to use on your site. Cool!

Is the tool perfect? Like most things on AppSumo there is always more to be done. But as-is, for an agency, freelancer, small business or solopreneur, this is going to give you back 10 hours a month and cut the bounce rate on your pages 30%+."

Thank you, pandacat! We really appreciate the effort you put into testing WOXO and this thorough review.

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