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Here's a FAQ Summary for our Sumo-lings.
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Hey there, Sumo-lings! 👋 So we decided to write a section for your frequently asked questions that we thought would be very helpful for all of you.

🌮 How can I get more videos after meeting the monthly limit?

We’re happy to see the AppSumo Community wants more than 1,500 per month! So we’re currently evaluating ways to increase your video quota once you reach the monthly limits. This won’t be easy because we need to do the right calculations to make sure we keep infrastructure costs covered. We’re thinking of offering two more Tiers. For example, Tier 4 with 5,000 videos and Tier 5 with 10,000 videos (remember, this is an example) and additionally offer on-demand video generation where you’ll pay for each video that is not included in the monthly limit.

Does this make sense to you guys? We’ve included a note in our roadmap so we can discuss this further. See roadmap here: https://bit.ly/roadmapwt

🌮 What do you exactly mean by sub-accounts?

Sub-accounts! Now this is a big one, right? 🤯 For now, our sub-accounts don’t have a private workspace available. In other words, you can see each other's information, which at first was aimed to facilitate team collaboration. However, if you have clients and want to offer them a sub-account this wouldn’t work. We added this feature to our roadmap and if it gets enough traction we will prioritize it! We encourage you to go to our roadmap and vote for the idea!

Spoiler Alert!! ️We're also thinking about offering some kind of white-labeled sub-accounts, but we’re not sure if to include it as part of the deal.

🌮 What’s the difference between Premium vs. Free Widgets? Do they have views or websites limitations?

We know this is a bit confusing, so in advance, we apologize for this 😅. Just know all our Sumo-lings are considered premium users and you’ll have access to both, Free and Premium Widgets. Also, no WEBSITE or VIEW limitations!

If you want to know about the exact differences between Free and Premium Widgets we recommend you to read this article below: https://support.woxo.tech/en/articles/5369458-what-s-the-difference-between-free-vs-premium-woxo-widgets

🌮 What’s the maximum length of videos?

Initially, WOXO Video Maker was created for short-form videos, that’s why our current duration limit is 60 seconds. However, we’re planning to extend it and it is currently in our roadmap under Minimal Customization Options in the Feature Request List.

What is the minimum duration limit that you would consider useful? We can talk about it in our roadmap. See roadmap here: https://bit.ly/roadmapwt

🌮 Does your platform support a 16:9 video ratio?

Our platform supports different video ratios (1:1, 4:5, 16:9, 9:16). You might notice that for now, we don’t have any video templates with a 16:9 ratio in our Template Library. This is due to the fact that our creative team focused primarily on three video ratios just to be more efficient, time-wise 😓 but 16:9 videos are in progress!

However, you can get started with a spreadsheet and in the specific column type 16:9 as your desired ratio. Here’s a tutorial that we thought will be helpful: https://support.woxo.tech/en/articles/5318051-how-do-i-resize-and-repurpose-my-videos

🌮 What do the Widget content updates mean?

Let’s talk about Widget Content Updates. This means that your social media feed will be refreshed on your Widget of choice every 15 minutes or 2 hours (This will depend on the plan you select).

So for example: Let’s say you posted on Instagram at 2 PM and you’ve selected Tier 2, in 15 minutes your Widget content will update and your new post will be reflected at 2:15 PM.

🌮 How do I create and edit a video from a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets to videos might be a bit confusing at first! So here is a tutorial that will show you exactly what we mean. You can even start a video from scratch and add as many scenes as you’d like and it’s really easy especially for collaborations and bulk videos.

You can see a short video tutorial or read a step-by-step one here: https://support.woxo.tech/en/articles/5281051-how-do-i-create-videos-from-0-using-a-spreadsheet

🌮 What about WOXO’s Watermark?

Don’t worry about it! All our Sumo-lings are considered premium users, so you won’t have to deal with any watermarks in widgets or videos.

🌮 Can I add CTAs to my videos?

Let's talk about our Dynamic Content feature and let’s focus on how to customize your CTA. The Dynamic Content feature, allows you to generate customized content and it’s located in the Export Page of the Video Editor, once you build your videos.

Each video gets a code to embed it to email, a landing page, a thumbnail URL (that is displayed in GIF format), a video preview, and/or code to embed into a website. The text, CTA, landing page, and of course, the title is shown in each, are customizable. You just need to fill in the desired content on a Google Sheet under Dynamic parameters. These parameters are special columns designed for our system to detect when the sheet is imported to WOXO.

When a video preview shared on social media is clicked, you will land at your customized landing page. Here's a tutorial on how it works: https://support.woxo.tech/en/articles/5395919-how-do-i-customize-my-shared-video

That being said, the CTA will not add to the video itself but to the elements that are clickable, that being the preview, the landing page URL.

Hold on a second! This gets even cooler! 🚀 Once you land on the customized landing page, which you can customize entirely, WOXO pulls the logo of your video to make it fully branded. Therefore, when your clients click on the CTA they will land on any URL you want, but the logo can also redirect them to another site. For example, your homepage or social media.

We would love to expand on this feature! So it would be great if you could write your thoughts about it in our roadmap: https://bit.ly/roadmapwt

🌮Can I adjust and resize my logo?

Currently, you can’t adjust or resize logo size in WOXO’s editor, SORRY! 🥺 We’ll be working on this soon enough. In the meantime, we suggest the following site: https://picresize.com/

This site will help you to quickly change your logo dimensions! And here are the dimensions for the logo used as an example in our site (388 × 126). Nonetheless, the feature is currently in our roadmap and we'll definitely push it forward if we see enough traction. See our roadmap here: https://bit.ly/roadmapwt

🌮 What does the deal include regarding media and templates?

Right now, our deal gives you access to our Template Library and also Pexels Stock Videos and Images, here you’ll find more than 50,000 videos to choose from. However, our users have requested to add more Stock Videos and Images, which is now in our roadmap: https://bit.ly/roadmapwt

Apart from Pexels, which video and image stock integrations would you recommend?

If more questions come up, let us know! We’re happy to help you 😊 If you’d like you can also leave an honest review (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and I will sing a Christmas carol for you🎅 and send you a video. What can I tell you… I like to keep things fun!

🌮 Can I use emojis in my videos?

Yes, you can. Now your videos can have cool emojis, as many as you want.

Just keep in mind to select the most common ones or to choose those ones that are included in the link below:

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