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Let's start with the basics! A dynamic video just works inside a landing page or email marketing campaign (you can’t upload them as a video to a social media network, but you can share the link). Dynamic videos are ideal for cold emails and prospecting 😎

Here is a really cool video for you to see what Dynamic Videos are all about! It will hopefully give you other cool ideas as well πŸ™Œ And remember, creativity is key!

If you'd rather read a bit more about this interesting feature just scroll-down πŸ‘‡

Access to Dynamic Videos

Once you've exported your videos, use the toggle to select Dynamic Videos.

Define Dynamic Content

Just use the following notation in any of the spreadsheets or Edit Videos table columns {{variable}}.

Is dynamic content just for text elements?

No, you can change anything inside a video here are a few examples:

  • The media (yes, you can dynamically change the images or videos).

  • The music

  • Text Styles

  • Branding

  • Colors

Customize Dynamic Content in a Video

In a URL:

Step 1

On the Export tab click on the Copy Url button of the desired base video.

Step 2

Continue to pass the dynamic values through URL parameters.

πŸ‘‰ For example:


Feel free to copy and paste this into your browser and change:



Watch this one minute videos to learn more on how to change URL variables in Dynamic videos:

In a Spreadsheet:

Use metadata columns, default values and unique ids on spreadsheets to achieve this.

If you've got any questions δΈ€ really, any δΈ€ don't be shy and just give a call out at our Support Chat or contact us at [email protected], we'll be more than happy to help you!

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