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Thanks to @sumomd03 his/her well-thought questions, find it here along with the original answers.

❓ "dynamic" exports - do you mean the original video ends up in a "widget" with text overlays - as typed in the corresponding sheet?

It’s not exactly like that…

We don’t embed an HTML5 video tag <video/> with the video source on it and text overlays as other solutions do.

In essence, our team has created a video distribution format that we internally call wmp4 (web mp4). Where the original videos, images, and “text overlays” get mixed and rendered in a canvas programmatically and a “dynamic video” is created based on those sources.

Dynamic variables can be passed through using the spreadsheets while “exporting” or through the page URL in real-time.

❓ If so, these "exports" (they are actually embeds with separate text overlays) will work on any http "own" page - but *not* in any social network - or any platform that requests direct urls, right?

The dynamic .wmp4 can just be used inside a web browser. You can’t download it and post it to Facebook or any other Social network. But they allow you to do crazy stuff with personalization, like changing the music, images, text, everything in real-time and based on variables.

For email campaigns and prospecting…. This is cool stuff. ;)

❓ I am forced to use pexels or any "free" media. Why? Because if I bring my own stock (storyblocks, depositphotos etc) the original video *can* be extracted - detail which may pose a licensing/copyright problem.

After your export a .wmp4 all the original sources get combined into the final project, so in theory, you will be distributing the final assets .wmp4, not the original sources.

Even when the final sources are NOT available to download using the browser interface, experts can hack the format and extract the original sources using dev tools. The same way that experts can take a native .mp4 and work their way to extract the original sources from there. In the end, are all pixels rendered on a digital screen, So it’s a matter of perspective.

Some stock providers are aware of this and offer provisions in their licensing that cover you in case you cannot prevent copying. But it is up to you to decide and set the limits of how far you will want to go.

❓ “as mentioned by someone, without a cname, all dynamic exports/widgets will be pointing to Woxo. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind advertising Woxo - on some pages (but on others I would justifiably keep my domain intact)”

It makes total sense to be able to add your own domain on all shared WOXO pages. At the end of the day is all about helping you guys shine in front of your clients and prospects (Is hard to shine with a 3rd party domain 😉). We will be adding this functionality to WOXO in the upcoming weeks. But being totally transparent we haven’t decided about the economics yet. Stay tuned.

❓ How about you give the option to exchange "dynamic exports" with "native exports". I would be happy even 20 to 1 ratio. :) Having the option of extra 3500 native exports would make WOXO unbeatable on all fronts - literally. :)

Thanks for your kind words 🤗

We will love to offer you guys more native videos in the current Tiers but the truth is that rendering and storing native mp4 files has a high infrastructure cost. And we have to make sure that we don’t put at risk our ability to cover them.

Our R&D team is actually looking for ways to make those costs more affordable but I can’t promise you anything at least in the upcoming weeks.

We are planning to add a pay-as-you-go model, where you can pay for more videos after you exceed your monthly quota. Another possibility also could be to have another Tier with more native videos available. But We can’t promise anything yet.

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