Hi Woxians!

Let's learn this useful trick so you're able to add two texts in one scene 🙌

Step 1

Once you're on the Edit Videos page, choose the scene you want to adjust and go to the Text column.

Step 2

Here comes the trick, if you want to add a second text to the same scene you need to add <br> just like it's shown below:

‼️ You may also add <br> in the Title column to separate the Title from the Text.

Step 3

Now go ahead and press play, you'll be able to see the second text added to the scene. Just like it's show in the Preview below:

And that's all folks! Now, you can add two texts in one scene 😉

If you've got any questions 一 really, any 一 don't be shy and just give a call out at our Support Chat or contact us at [email protected], we'll be more than happy to help you!

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