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Welcome back to another use case tutorial! In this one, we're going to learn how to automate cool quick business tips videos and share them on LinkedIn 🎉

Add Meta Date Column

First thing first, You need to add a Meta_Date column to your spreadsheet. This will be the date in which your Quick Business Tips videos are posted! Just added it after all the other columns as shown in the image below:

Step 1: Select Every Day trigger

Start by setting up your trigger in this case, your going to choose Schedule by Zapier and under Trigger Event your going to choose Every Day.

Step 2: Set up action

Make sure you activate the trigger on weekends, if that's what you wish for, by selecting yes and the Time of Day you want. In this case, we selected 10am.

Step 3: Select Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets

Now to the next action, select Google Sheets in the Choose app & event section and continue to look for the Lookup Spreadsheet Row under Action Event.

Step 4: Set up action

Make sure you select the correct Spreadsheet and Worksheet. Under Lookup Column and Lookup Value choose the options you can see below:

The other sections that you can't see here remain the same or in other words, leave empty.

Step 5: Select Custom Request

This will be your third action and for this one, you'll need to choose Webhooks by Zapier and under the Action Event select Custom Request.

Step 6: Set up action

Make sure you follow the following format to set up your action correctly! Below you'll find the URL needed to continue:


Select Data

{ "data": [{ "Media 1": "2. Media 1:https://vod.fro…to-1907784.jpeg", "Media 2": "2. Media 2:https://player.…Fpreview-0.jpeg", "Media 3": "2. Media 3:https://vod.fro…to-1845286.jpeg", "Text 1": "2. Text 1:Quotes of succe…Business people", "Text 2": "2. Text 2:Socrates, fathe…tern philosophy", "Text 3": "2. Text 3:No data", "Title 1": "2. Title 1:Get wiser...", "Title 2": "2. Title 2:“The secret of…lding the new.”", "Title 3": "2. Title 3:Never stop learning!", "TextPosition": "2. TextPosition:Centered, Top, Centered", "TextColor": "2. TextColor:#000", "BackgroundColor": "2. BackgroundColor:#F8E71C", "TextStyle": "2. TextStyle:Criss Cross", "Video Shape": "2. Video Shape:9:16", "Brand": "2. Brand:https://res.clo…ound_224x77.png", "Font": "2. Font:https://res.clo…ter-Regular.ttf", "FontSize":"2. FontSize:8", "Transition": "2. Transition:random", "Music": "2. Music:https://res.clo…ingle_Punks.mp3" }] }

Add Headers

Make sure you've put the correct team ID and API auth. token under Headers. If you don't know where to find these check out this tutorial. Also, add the Content-Type header along with application/json.

Step 7: Select Delay For

In this case, we decided to delay it for 2 minutes! However, you can choose your own value and unit.

Step 8: Select Get

For this one, you'll need to choose Webhooks by Zapier and under the Action Event select Get.

Step 9: Set up action

Here you just need to be aware of the URL. For this one, you'll need to change the last bit of it and add the Success Code from the second action (Custom Request).

Also, make sure you add the Headers again, same ones you used before and test!

Step 10: Select Create Company Update in LinkedIn

Continue to select Create Company Update under Action Event and connect it to LinkedIn. You'll need to connect it to your account next.

Step 11: Set up action

You can set up the action depending on what you want your post to look like once it's posted, but below, you can see what we've used for this specific use case. For the Preview - URL, we've chose Data Landing, however, you could also put Data Download Link if you wish.

Once you test it the video should show up in LinkedIn!

Check out our final generated video here.

If you've got any questions 一 really, any 一 don't be shy and just give a call out at our Support Chat or contact us at [email protected], we'll be more than happy to help you!

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